Silver Fox Rabbits –
Spring/Summer 2021

Outstanding Silver Fox bunnies are available now (or will be soon).

  • Breed: Silver Fox 
  • Gender: Mixed Group 
  • Price: $45-$60 
  • Phone Number: (812) 727-5050 *Please use area code, even for local calls. 


We offer Authentic, Purebred Black Silver Fox bunnies, as well as blue. Our outstanding lines include a 2017 KY State Fair Best of Breed winner, and a very healthy line from Florida which brings fresh genetics for local breeders. These are excellent breeding stock.

One of the rarest breeds in America, these purebred Silver Fox rabbits are listed as "Threatened" by the Livestock Conservancy ( ).

Silver Fox Rabbits have a thick handsome fur & a very calm demeanor that makes them easy to handle. Fast growth and excellent mothering instincts make them extraordinary meat rabbits as well.

The very soft and dense coat is black with the mature coat having silver/white flecks (like the coat of the actual silver fox which is where they get their name). This fur stands on end when stroked from tail to head. No other rabbit fur does this. Silver Fox fur is also longer than the fur of most other rabbits (1 1/2 to 2 inches).

Bucks (males) start at $45 for blues/chocolates, $50 for blacks. Does (females) are $55 for blues/chocolates, $60 for blacks. Pedigrees are available for $5, and are completely optional. Please arrange to pick up your Silver Fox bunnies as soon as possible. First come, First Pick. 

Welcome Back Promise

French Angora Baby - ChestnutWe understand that interests & circumstances change. This can be especially true during & after the Easter season. If for whatever reason you become unable to care for your FurFoxy rabbit, we will always welcome that rabbit back and ensure it is cared for. There is no time limit on this promise.