Mini-Rex Rabbits – PureBred Spring 2017

A New Litter of Mini Rex bunnies will arrive March 2017. Sign up for FREE Rabbit Alerts (at right, or below on mobile) and we'll let you know when they are ready to take home.

  • Breed: Mini Rex 
  • Gender: Undetermined 
  • Price: $35 
  • Age: Junior (Under 6 mo) 
  • Phone Number: (812) 575-0888 *Please use area code, even for local calls. 
  • Dam: Minibell 


Mini-Rex rabbits stay small and are easy to take care of. They are cuddly, gentle, friendly, and very playful. Their fur is like the softest velvet. 5 bunnies are available. Colors are castor, with red, blonde, or gray tint. Single generation pedigree included. The new bunnies are ready to adopt now. Please let us know if you'd like to take one home. 

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Welcome Back Promise

French Angora Baby - ChestnutWe understand that interests & circumstances change. This can be especially true during & after the Easter season. If for whatever reason you become unable to care for your FurFoxy rabbit, we will always welcome that rabbit back and ensure it is cared for. There is no time limit on this promise.