American Chinchilla Rabbits – Spring 2018

  • Breed: American Chinchilla 
  • Gender: Mixed Group 
  • Date of Birth: 12/4/2016 
  • Price: $25 
  • Age: Junior (Under 6 mo) 
  • Phone Number: (812) 575-0888 *Please use area code, even for local calls. 


Our American Chinchillas are absolutely top of the line & every one of them has a show-winning heritage. Their pedigrees are overflowing with awards, and their offspring have taken awards as recently as Summer 2016 (KY State Fair). Males (bucks) are $25. Females (does) add $10. Full 4 generation Pedigrees are available for only $5. 

Welcome Back Promise

French Angora Baby - ChestnutWe understand that interests & circumstances change. This can be especially true during & after the Easter season. If for whatever reason you become unable to care for your FurFoxy rabbit, we will always welcome that rabbit back and ensure it is cared for. There is no time limit on this promise.