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Bunny Birthdays Louisville Region
Have a birthday Party or other fun event coming up? It’s “bunny time”!

A bouncing bunch of baby bunnies is sure to delight and will make your party memorable for years to come. You, your children, and guests will spend some quality time together, meeting, holding and learning about bunnies. Bunnies may be available for adoption if you would like, but there is never any obligation.

Important Notes…

Adult Attendance: We ask that at least 1 adult be nearby at all times. This is to help supervise the children. We will have our hands full with “bunny management”. ;)

Rabbit Show for Private Events Only:  We provide this service only to private parties & events that are not open to the general public.

No Performances: The baby bunnies will be about 2 months old. They are not trained & can’t do tricks. This is simply an opportunity to enjoy some “bunny time”.

Pricing varies depending on location, number of bunnies needed, duration, etc.

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