American Chinchillas

Rarest of all domestic rabbit breeds is the American Chinchilla.

This is the only rabbit breed with status listed as “Critical” by the Livestock Conservancy.

AC_1The American Chinchilla is a gentle rabbit, easy to handle, with fast growth and excellent mothering instincts. They are also outstanding as meat rabbits.

Originally bred for their thick, soft, and beautiful fur, the population has declined as the demand for fur declined. Breeders like ourselves are working hard to help this amazing American heritage breed recover.

Our American Chinchillas are absolutely top of the line & every one of them has a show-winning heritage. Their pedigrees are overflowing with awards, and their offspring have taken awards as recently as Summer 2016 (KY State Fair).

If you are interested in acquiring some fine examples of this breed, just let us know. Thank you.

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