Rabbits For Sale
Silver Fox Rabbits - <br>Fall/Winter 2019 at  for 30

Silver Fox Rabbits -
Fall/Winter 2019

  • Breed: Silver Fox
  • Price: $30
American Chinchilla Rabbits - Fall/Winter 2019 at  for 30

American Chinchilla Rabbits - Fall/Winter 2019

  • Breed: American Chinchilla
  • Price: $30
French Angora Rabbits - Fall/Winter 2019 at  for 35

French Angora Rabbits - Fall/Winter 2019

  • Breed: French Angora
  • Price: $35
Mini-Rex Rabbits - PureBred Fall/Winter 2019 at  for 35

Mini-Rex Rabbits - PureBred Fall/Winter 2019

  • Breed: Mini Rex
  • Price: $35

Welcome to Furfoxy Rabbits…

Kentuckiana’s home for distinctively furred rabbits.

We care for a select herd of American Chinchilla, French Angora, Silver Fox, and Mini Rex rabbits. This is a very rewarding hobby that we truly enjoy and love to share with others. If you are considering keeping rabbits yourself we welcome any questions you may have.  You will find a growing collection of rabbit related articles and tips on this website, along with listings of any rabbits we may have for sale.

Delivery is available throughout the Louisville Kentucky, Southern Indiana, and Northern Kentucky regions.

Check out our Pick Up Locations page to see delivery options.

Grand Champion French Angora!

Click to Enlarge!

Click to Enlarge!

Camden entered his FurFoxy bred French Angora “Fiona” into his local 4-H show and walked away with the Grand Champion Trophy! Read All About It !!!

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Welcome Back Promise

French Angora Baby - ChestnutWe understand that interests & circumstances change. This can be especially true during & after the Easter season. If for whatever reason you become unable to care for your FurFoxy rabbit, we will always welcome that rabbit back and ensure it is cared for. There is no time limit on this promise.